Tips and Diet Plan to Keep Healthy Hair

How to keep the hair healthy

Diet Plan to Keep healthy Hair – Hair loss and baldness have currently become a common problem. Earlier, there was a problem of hair fall after the age of 40-45, but now there is a shortage of hair and young people are becoming victims of baldness. However, genetic factors are often responsible for this. But if some things are taken care of, then the problem of baldness can be overcome in time, ie baldness can be prevented. Generally 2 types of baldness include sycoticial allopathy and non-cecetricial allopasia. In aceticial allopathy, the hair is gone from the root and does not return from any treatment. While in the second type, treatment of time comes back to the hair.

Is it Necessary to Use Conditioner :

Is it Necessary to Use Conditioner

It is very important to take care of them regularly to keep the hair beautiful and strong. It is very important to remove shampoo from the dust and pollution in the hair. But only shampoo is not enough to keep hair healthy, but use of conditioner with shampoo is very important. In fact, after shampooing, there is a negative static charge on the hair, due to which the hair becomes Fiji. Use of the conditioner to neutralise this charge is important. This makes hair soft and smooth. At present there are many shampoo products in the market, which also have conditioners with shampoo, so we do not have to take the conditioner from next. Whenever the shampoo is done then make the conditioner, it does not benefit from keeping it on the head for a long time,Therefore, 1 to 1.5 minutes is enough for the conditioner.

Does Oil Impairing Dandruff :

Does Oil Impairing Dandruff

Over time, many problems start to occur in the hair, this is because we do not care about hair properly. Dandruff is also a problem related to hair that is ignored, it can cause baldness along with hair loss.So it is very important to remove the problem of dandruff. People feel that dandruff reduces by applying oil. Indeed, dandruff is made from a germ, called melasegia. If you put oil and dandruff becomes less then it is for very little time.Whereas the reality is that if you put oil, it nourishes the germ and the problem of dandruff increases. Therefore, do not use oil for prevention of dandruff.

How to Keep the Healthy Hair :

Hair is the most contribute to enhancing beauty. But at present, due to lack of nutritious food and pollution and dirt, your hair becomes stiff and lifeless, sometimes embarrassed also because of them. But if some things are kept in mind, it is not difficult to save the hair. Most importantly, it is necessary to reduce the use of oil in the hair, some people think that by putting oil in the hair, they will lose their stubbornness and that is why they use more oil which is wrong. It is also wrong to believe that by applying oil on a scalp, it gets nourishment, rather it tastes more in dirt and dust head. So try to reduce the use of oil in hair too.

Diet Plan for Healthy Hair :

diet for healthy hair

Everyone wants their hair to be strong and strong, it is very important for them to have healthy eating habits. Hair massage with olive oil or olmant oil for this, it gives hair nutrition. Mix vinegar, honey and lemon and apply it on a scalp, with hair shiny and strong.Mix bananas with honey and keep them in the hair for 10 minutes, then shampoo, hair will become salty and soft. In the morning, make shake drinks, use sugar free or honey with milk and may also add almonds. You can also put eggs in it.Consume carnivorous salmon, the silk and selenium that is present in it strengthens hair roots. By taking nuts like dried potato fever, figs, walnuts, almonds, the hair will be strong and the problem of dandruff will not be too much. With it, take soya cheese and soy milk with amino acids.