Tips For Glowing Skin

tips for glowing skin

If you do not have any brightness in your skin then all your beauty is useless. Beauty experts say that with the things that are available in the kitchen you can bring a lovely look on your face and get Glowing Skin .

There are many kind of question ask by user for skin related one is common of them How to Get Glow on Your Skin?

How to Get Glow on Your Skin?

Mix one pinch turmeric and one spoon milk into a spoonful of sandalwood powder and prepare thick paste. Put this paste on face Clear the face after about twenty minutes. This makes the face bright.

Mix three-four almonds finely grated in a spoonful of fresh cream. Mix four-five drop lemon juice into it and make a paste. Place this paste around the face and neck. After about twenty minutes, clean it with a soft hand while sticking it. It brings beauty in beauty.

Take one spoon of rice flour and mix two spoons of thick curd and paste it. Put it on face and hands and lightly rub it. Clear after five to seven minutes.

Applying the papaya pulp well, putting on face, neck and hands easily removes stains.

Make a paste by mixing three spoons of brinjal, a spoonful of gram flour, a spoonful of honey and a spoonful of curd. Keep this paste in the face for about twenty minutes. Clear later.

Mix one spoonful of turmeric in a teaspoon white sesame mixture and make a thick paste. Put this paste on the face like a scalp. The skin will shine.

If your skin is rigid, then face and hands-feet massage with almond or coconut oil before sleeping at night. Then cut the pieces of cucumber into pieces. Afterwards wipe the face and hands-feet well with clean cloth.

To remove the problem of rustic skin, take a spoon of almond oil, one teaspoon olive oil, and mix it well in three spoons honey. Keep it on your skin for about half an hour. After that clean the skin with light lukewarm water.

Dry lemon peels and make powder. Add one spoon turmeric and a little milk to it and make a paste. Put it on your skin and after some time rubbing it like a scrub, hide it. It shines in the skin.

Mix three teaspoons of millet flour with four to five spoons of milk and one teaspoon glycerin and make paste. Keep this in the face for about five minutes. Afterwards, rubbing like rubbish, redeem them.

Mix two teaspoons of tomato juice with four spoonful curd well. Place it around your face and neck. Clear after a while.

Soak the seeds of some Chironji and keep them in the milk for overnight. Grind them in the morning and mix some turmeric in it. Put this mixture on face. This makes the face bright.

Mix banana’s pulp and mix it with a little honey and put it on the face. It works as natural beautifier.

Apply tomato, Cucumber or orange juice to get the face clean. It works as a tonic for the skin and it shines in the skin.

Soak one spoon of gram pulse for overnight in milk. Grind it in the morning and mix it with turmeric, cream and two-three drop of rose water and put it on the face. Rinse with dry hands after drying. This makes the face shine on.

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