A Viral Topic Among All Age of People

Weight Loss Tips- A viral topic among all age of people. Now a day’s everyone is going to concern about

diet plan,fitness as well as weight loss tips. To stay fit and maintain body in regular way, exercise and

diet both are essential part of coin in terms of weight loss. Sometimes regular basis exercise and yoga

help us to get rid of disease like blood pressure, diabetes, migraine, thyroid, back pain, knee pain etc. In

terms of exercise firstly start walking habits this is first step towards to get rid of disease.

Weight loss is not means dieting or cutout food habit. it is harmful . And diet is more concerning for our

daily life because as we know quality of food going to provide in market. For fit body it is not enough to

viral topic for all age person

exercise even we should follow some weight loss tips through diet plan like-

1-Don’t skip breakfast

2-Drink more water

3-Take green tea –help to increase immunity

4-Add high fiber diet –to boast your digestive system

5- Sprouts

6-Include some milk product like curd mild etc

7-Fresh fruits

8-Cut back on added sugar

9-take proper lunch with full plate of salad

10-limit processed food

11-eat slowly

12-Have vegetable in every meal

13-measure yourself

14-Add some proteins like egg , fish etc

15-Go for a walk

16-Stay away from drinking habits

17-Use coconut or olive oil as cooking oil

18-Eat less refined carbs

19-Keep healthy food around in case you get hungry

20-Leave your food addiction 21-Sleep tight