Live Healthy or Disease Free Life

To live healthy or disease free life we should follow some minor healthy tips in regular basis such as exercise and fitness rules as well as diet plan and weight loss tips. Now we figure out fitness and exercise rules.

Fitness and exercise is all about to physical activities in daily routines that leads to figure out your body and helps to live stress free life. As we found some latest technology like gym, yoga classes, aerobics classes and much more. But before start your fitness plan and exercise you need positive attitude that mean you need to be happy, and stay away anger. For a player both of them play a very effective role. India  as well as other countries is full of cricket, football fans. To perform like champion it just possible by fitness and exercise. Even actor and actress are also giving hit movies because of passion, energy and power. They do regular exercise, gym etc. So if you are starting exercise or some Fitness plans so you have to do it under guidance in early age. Some people really keen to weight loss and they start exercise for 1-2 hour.


These are really bad for your body and have to face some problems like knees hurt, wrists are sore, feel weak, shoulder are tight after yoga or exercise, cannot do seated forward bends and overstretching of hamstrings. Remember one thing start your exercise or yoga 15 to 20 min than takes to 50 to 60 min according to strength. This is better way to start your Exercise Plan. As we discuss exercise or yoga plan as well as fitness terms.

We know that exercise and fitness terms are needed to strength out physical activities but food means diet plan is also a major part of our daily routines. And we combine all (exercise+ Fitness+ Diet plan) that is going to easy for weight loss, means these are related to each other. Now we are discuss your diet plan for daily routines. So first of all don’t skip your breakfast even take before 9am. Breakfast should be heavy because we take this after a long period of dinner. In breakfast add some proteins, calcium etc; add green tea, egg, milk, fruits sprouts, parathas with curd etc. After eating breakfast in lunch you take full meal along with a full cup of salad; don’t forget to drink more water in particular time of interval. You can also eat some watery fruits like cucumber, water-melons, avocado, musk melon, grapefruit etc. After lunch before dinner you can take nuts, roasted almonds, roasted cashew, chestnut, dates dried, lotus seeds pop, raisin-these are also power boaster for your immunity and buildup power against disease. In dinner take light food. Heavy food: add fat in your body and take long time to digest. Also add some fiber to boost your digestive system.

These are all weight loss tips also. And favors your bodies; don’t dieting for weight loss even take correct diet and food quality. Diet is more concerning issue for our daily life because as we know quality of food going to provide in market. Stay fit ,live healthy.