Role of Diet And Exercise For Good Health

Healthy Indian Foods

If you want to live long life then you must eat healthy diet. This is the mantra of Live Long Life. There are many type of Diet Plan in the world but Indian. Indian People love eating. India have 29 state and every state have its own famous variety. They are not thinking how much time to make delicious food. Each state people love his state dishes and they have serving to other state their healthy food. we miss out the authentic flavour. Every state has got its own little secret ingredients that are very difficult for any other state to capture. The makkhan marke Punjabi dishes, mustard and curry leaves tempered South Indian cuisine, fluffy Gujrati dhokla and the misfit doi of Bengal, the moment you hear these names, it brings water to your tongue. Yes, that is the love we Indians have for food. These lovely dishes bring our appetites to life, we keep eating and then we complain that we are putting on weight.

Many people don’t develop a flavour for corn flakes or oats, the supposed food suggested by dieticians if you would like to intake less quantity of calories. allow us to study concerning these totally different foods that not solely area unit nice in style however even have a health issue associated with it. Indian food and spices don’t seem to be solely tasty and flavourful; they additionally add lots of advantages to our health.


indian Masala

Pulses or dal, Roti or Chapatti, Rice, Indian curries, Paneer, Curd, Idly, Dhokla,

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