Low calories Foods to Make You Slim

If you are looking low calories food for weight loss.Then you are at right place here we give you the name of foods with their calories / 100 gram. List low calorie snacks, meals. diet,  low calorie foods chart, negative calorie foods, high calorie foods, food calorie calculator, food calorie chart, zero calorie foods, food calorie counter, low calorie dinners, low calorie drinks.

Low calories

Cucumber (16 calories)


Celery (16 calories)


Tomatoes (17 calories)


Zucchini (17 calories) Asparagus (20 calories) Cauliflower (25 calories) Cabbage (25 calories) Turnips (28 calories) Lemons (29 calories) Watermelon (30 calories) Broccoli (34 calories) Mushrooms (38 calories) Onions (40 calories) Carrots (41 calories) Grapefruit (42 calories) Beets (43 calories) Brussels Sprouts (43 calories) Oranges (47 calories) Kale (49 calories) Apples (52 calories) .