Kidney Diseases Symptoms and Treatment

Kidney disease and kidney failure in the world and India is growing fast. One person in every 10 in Indian  in some form of chronic kidney disease are likely to be. Every year, about 150,000 new cases of people with late-stage kidney failure, which will require either dialysis or a kidney transplant. But did you know that you have some common habits that are responsible for the deterioration of kidney health so let’s get to know the habits of kidney failure.

Kidney Diseases Treatment
Smoking and tobacco use are occur the so many serious problems especially lung disease, but it is also a reason atherosclerosis disease. Which slows down the flow of blood in the blood vessels and lower blood when kidney function decreases her. Therefore, do not smoke and  do not eat tobacco.
If you take less then 3 Ltr. Water in day may harm the kidneys by drinking in moderation. Lack of water in the kidney and Ureter is more risk of infection. Particles of nutrients reaching the ureter seem to disrupt the evacuation of urine. Increases the chances of kidney stones.

Do not control or stop urination in the morning. See full urinary bladder is filled throughout the night, only to wake up to the need to evacuate. Creditors is not applicable due to laziness but urine and then live long enough pause that followed, it is heavily damages the kidneys.
If you ignore or Negligence in the treatment of high blood pressure. Now a Days high BP is a major cause of kidney problems. Blood Pressure (BP)  control measure at the appropriate time, so always keep your chronic kidney disease because it is caused by the second coming.
I know that salt enhances the flavor of our food, but higher amounts of salt put opposite effect on our body parts. Through the food we eat is 94 percent sodium by the kidneys metabolized. Unnecessarily high intake of salt in the kidney function by enhancing their power depletes.
Approximately thirty percent of diabetics have kidney disease, is only a third of people suffering from kidney disease and diabetes are suffering. This thing that these two problems are related to each other. Therefore it is necessary to control the amount of sugar in the blood. Should also control the food. Avoid the purchase of drugs without doctor’s advice. Painkiller store bought drugs without doctor’s advice can be dangerous for his kidney. Generic medications such as name Sterrait Andy Intelometry drugs , and by taking regular kidney damage they can do is screwed completed.

Ayurvedic Treatment of Kidney Disease :

1 – Take potassium rich food  like Bottle Gourd. so it is very useful in diseases of the kidneys and urine comes out openly. And also take this foods Avocado, Spinach,Coconut Water for healthy kidney.
2- To Maintain Kidneys good health, at least twice a day should drink Lukewarm Water!

3 –Corn fresh corn boiled in water, drinking the water from the urine of  Mix sugar candy is inflammation and weakness of the kidneys.

4- Amla regularly take and keeps our kidneys healthy.

5 – A bunch of coriander leaves and wash with water! Breaking leaves Paste chop and boil them for 10 minutes and filter it in a glass of water and leave it for being cold! Take the good with the cold after being on it! To this day, some day, your kidneys will be cleaning all the dirt will leave you with urine.