Sugar or Diabetes Best Ayurvedic Treatments

Ayurvedic Remedies for Diabetes Cure

5 million to 70 million people are affected from diabetes or sugar in India and in the next few years will be more than 3 million according to the health organization , every 2 minutes a man dies from the Diabetes.

Diabetes direct affects on the the kidney failure, liver failure , paralysis, brain stroke, heart attack . Overall complications Plenty of diabetes.

Diabetes is a dangerous disease. Blood glucose (blood sugar level) level is increased did this happen, this disease patients (dirty cholesterol in blood) is the component due to the movement. In these patients, the eyes, kidneys, nerves, brain, heart damage from these serious, complex, increases the risk of malignant disease.

A type of food in the stomach, and changes in the fuel is glucose. It is a type of sugar. Glucose get into our blood stream and is carried to the millions of cells in the body. pancreas produces glucose and insulin into the bloodstream to cells is also.

Diabetes Ayurvedic Treatement

So What do we do in such a situation ?

You may not depend on insulin! Because it is a side effect that is even worse than insulin Diabetic lot. Please try these Ayurvedic Formula Medicine For  you.

Take 100 g Methi Dana to dry in the sun on the stone grinding and make the powder.

Take 100 g Cassia also dried in the sun on the stone to grind and make a powder.

Take 150 g Berries Kernels it dried in the sun on the stone to grind and make the powder.

Take 250 g Bel Patra leaves it dried in the sun on the stone to grind and make the powder.

All of them have made all this powder and mix in a second! Just be prepared medicine !!

Take this ayurvedic medicine in the Eventing and morning (empty stomach), one tablespoon before eating foods with hot water.
Drink 2 to 3 months in a regular it !! Take the morning to clean the stomach rose.

Precautions !!

Never use sugar(Chini) and sugar free tablets .Molasses eat, eat fruit! A thread can use that sugar comes to God’s created can eat sweet things !! Dinner will have taken before sun set !! Do not mean the food after sunset.

Eat more fiber strands in which such things are much, High Fiber Low Fat Diet Diet May to reduce fuel oil and fiber more things to eat more fibrous. They eat a lot of vegetables have fiber, they shall be put to the skin, fat, eat more grains, fruits eaten a lot of which is fiber.

Sex Precautions for Diabetics :

1. Diabetics Keep your genitals clean enough.
2. Especially women before having sexual relationships must be sure to pass urine.
3. During sex to help each other and encourage cooperation.
4. Do not take these drugs, which may have an impact on.
5. Keep blood pressure under control.
6. Do not consume alcohol and tobacco.
7. Gar diabetic woman having trouble of vaginal dryness during sex, then consult a doctor can use special creams.