How to Succeed at Weight Loss

Losing weight, eating healthier and becoming more active… while these sound like common resolutions for the New Year, these goals don’t have to begin January 1st. Making this healthy lifestyle change can be good any time of the year.

Many people struggle with weight loss and eating enough of the right types of foods. Finding time for physical activity is another common challenge a lot of people face. While it can seem overwhelming at first to make the changes needed for a healthier lifestyle, chances are you’ll love the benefits which often include increased energy and reduced joint pain.

7 Tips to Help You Succeed at Weight Loss

For those of you who struggle to find the motivation and energy to succeed during a healthy weight loss program, here are 7 tips to help you stay focused.

1. Make a Schedule: Weight loss programs can seem daunting and intimidating at first, but a schedule can make everything seem more manageable. Creating lists, plans and scheduling out your workouts and meals will help you follow an organized and constructed program. Although planning takes time, this will help you find pockets of time for weekly workouts and even help you make your lunch and plan for snacks. Taking a couple minutes to plan ahead will relieve your stress and keep you focused on the path to success.


2. Reward Yourself: I’m not talking about with candy… reward your weight loss by going for a walk, buying a new book, taking a bubble bath or purchasing a new clothing item… Rewarding yourself with inedible items will keep your weight loss program move forward successfully. These types of “treats” help you stay focused on your goals and motivated to reaching another milestone in your weight loss program.

3. Stay Off the Couch: I know it may seem unusual, but try watching your favorite TV shows while walking on a treadmill or doing some yoga stretches. According the Institute for Medicine and Public Health, the average person sits in front of the TV for 56 hours a week. This sedentary lifestyle can lead to heart disease and high blood pressure. Stay on track by forgoing the sedentary TV time and finding a way to stay active instead.

4. Eat In: I know, I know. Everyone loves to eat out, but staying in and fixing your own meals six out of seven nights a week will help you maintain your nutritional goals. When you eat out all bets are off. Oftentimes the menu gets a hold of your good decisions and you wind up with a bucket of fried food in front of your face. Cooking your own food allows you to stay in control of what goes into your meals and your mouth.

5. Substitute: Stay on track by substituting fresh fruits and veggies for your potato chips and sugary snacks. Try swapping out different exercises as well to avoid getting into a rut or suffering from an overuse injury. Doing the same physical activities day after day can become boring, so try mixing up your workouts to keep things interesting and fresh.

6. Smile: Stay positive! Every day you should wake up feeling renewed and confident in yourself. Just because you may not have achieved your weight loss goal yet, doesn’t mean that it is impossible. Having a positive attitude and pleasant demeanor can go a long way to help increase your motivation.

7. Weigh Yourself: Every day. Hopping on the scale seems less intimidating when you do it every day. Getting a good look at that scale every morning will remind you of why you are working hard day in and day out. Also, everyone has slip-ups from time to time. Seeing those numbers on the scale will give you some extra motivation to continue on your journey towards better health.

Losing weight and changing your lifestyle is not always easy. Many people give up along their weight loss journey, but there are ways to stay on track and stay focused. Try implementing these 7 tips into your daily life to help you continue towards your goals. Staying focused and positive will help give you the energy you need in order to succeed.

Dr. Stacie L. Grossfeld is a board certified Orthopaedic Surgeon practicing in Louisville, Kentucky. She graduated from the University of Louisville School of Medicine, and completed a fellowship in Sports Medicine at the Fowler-Kennedy Sports Medicine Center. Dr. Grossfeld currently works as a louisville orthopedic surgeon in private practice at Orthopaedic Specialists. Dr. Grossfeld also serves as a clinical instructor in the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at the University of Louisville. Her special interests are in knee and shoulder reconstruction and sports medicine.

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