Medicine for Leucorrhoea and Its Solution

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In normal language, it is called white water. In women, this common problem often goes without treatment. The worst thing is that it does not take care of women by taking it very normally, hides the white spores, secretion of mucus from the walls of the vagina, or the cervix, whose quantity, condition and time frame are Lycoria different in different women, Is different. This causes the body to weaken and weakness increases the white spasms. The effect of this is pain in the hands and feet, pain in the waist, stretch in the cervix, the body remains heavy, irritability remains. In this disease, there is white, sticky, thick, odorous secretion from the vagina of the woman, it is called vaginal discharge.

White leprosy or Leucorrhoea or “white water coming” is a disease of women in which abnormal amount of white-colored white and stinking water comes out of the vagina and due to which they become very weak and weak. White fever disease is common among women. This is a water-like discharge from the genitals. It is not a disease itself but is caused by many other diseases.

Due to abnormal vaginal discharge and symptoms

These causes of abnormal vaginal discharge can be:

(1) Infections caused by vaginal relationships (2) Those who have weak immunity or who have diabetes, their vagina can usually be an infectious disease called fungal yeast.

The flow of mucous from the cervix is ​​called vaginal secretion. If the color, smell or thickness of secretion is abnormal or the volume becomes too high then this problem is Cordial. Vaginal discharge is a normal procedure that changes according to the monthly cycle. Actually, this secretion is a natural process of keeping the vagina clean and smooth, while the secretion increases during ovulation.At the same time, this secretion is increased during ovulation so that the ovaries can easily swim. Prior to ovulation, a large amount of mucous is formed. It is a white-coloured sticky substance. But in many situations when its color changes and bad smell comes out, it takes the form of symptoms of the disease.
Excessive fasting, provocative fantasies, obscene conversations, use inverted ash in the intercourse, excessive frictional trauma in the sexual intercourse, coitus with the diseased male, not washing the vagina with clean water, The major causes of this are made. Repeating abortion is also a major cause of white water.
In such condition, the woman starts having pain in the waist belly and pelvic and thighs
Dark in front of eyes
Do not get hungry
Feeling exhausted
No weakness
Troublesome complaints are made, and gradually the young woman starts appearing at the age of aging.
Greek remedies

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