Air Pollution Diversification ( How to Filter Your Surrounding from Hazards Dirt’s)

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Environmental Air Pollution is the situation when humans are stored up to the extent of unwanted elements and energy in the environment which can not be absorbed by the ecosystem. “Air releases the harmful substances in the air, the air gets polluted. It causes health problems and damages the environment and property. This has changed the ozone layer, which has changed the weather.

Modernity and development have polluted the air in the past years. Industry, vehicle, increasing pollution, urbanization are some of the major components. Which increases air pollution. Thermal power plants, cement, iron industry, oil purifier industry, mine, petrochemical industry, are major causes of air pollution.

Some types of air pollution are also due to normal causes which are not in the human year. Sandy storms arising in the desert, smoke generated from the burning of fire and grass in forests, gives birth to some such chemicals, which makes the air polluted, the source of pollution can be any country but its impact, everywhere Does matter. The disinfectant chemicals found in Antarctica, where they have never been used, show its seriousness that through air, pollution can reach from one place to another.

Major sources of Air Pollution :-

Carbon monoxide (CO) is an odorless, colorless gas. Which arises not completely burning of petrol, diesel and carbon fuels. It affects our reaction mechanism and confuses us by taking us to sleep.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is the major greenhouse gas that is produced by humans to burn coal, oil and other natural gas.

Chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) These are the gases that come out mainly from fridges and air conditioning devices. By reaching it in the above environment, together with other gases, it affects the ‘ozone layer’ which acts to prevent harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.

The ladders are found in petrol, diesel, ladders, hair color products etc. and mainly affects children. It affects the chemical mechanism. Can lead to cancer and other digestive disorders develop.

Ozone is found on the upper surface of the atmosphere. This protects the Earth from vital gas, harmful ultraviolet rays. But on earth it is a very harmful pollutant. Vehicle and industry are the main reasons for its emergence on the surface. It causes itching irritation in the eyes, the water comes. This reduces the resistance to our cold and pneumonia.

Nitrogen oxide (Nox) produces this smoke. It gives rise to acid rain. It is produced by burning gasoline, diesel and coal. This gas makes children susceptible to respiratory diseases in winter.

Suspended Particulate Matter (SPM) Sometimes air smoke-dust vapor particles hang in the air. This creates fog and reduces the range of viewing far away. These fine particles go into their lungs by breathing, causing the respiratory mechanism to be affected.

Sulfur dioxide (SO2) is made of coal burning. Especially due to the thermal power generation and other industries. It gives rise to fog, fog, acid rain and produces various types of lung disease.

Air Pollution – Causes and Prevention :-

Air pollution is one of the world’s most serious problems. This problem automatically raises various problems. Due to air pollution, the development and growth of humans, tree plants and organisms is directly affected. For a healthy life, we all need clean air, water, food, housing and pollution free environment.

In the current environment, due to increasing urbanization, modernization, industrialization, mechanization and scientific progress, the situation of ecological imbalance has arisen. The first Earth Convention was held in Rio de Janeiro City, Brazil in 1992 about air pollution, in which representatives of 178 countries participated.

The conference emphasized on increasing the diversity of tree and animal species and preventing global warming. Environment conference was also held in Kyoto city of Japan in 1997. Uneasiness is being felt everywhere due to rising air pollution and environmental degradation. More recently, the Environment Conference was held in Vigyan Bhawan, Delhi. To overcome the problem of environmental pollution, we celebrate World Environment Day on 5th June every year.Today, the developed nations are promoting air pollution by establishing many tomorrow’s factories to achieve their physical well-being resources. This not only affects the economy and tourism, but human health issues are also emerging.

World population is increasing rapidly. Simultaneously, the deteriorating environment of the environment is one of the biggest challenges of today’s time. Some states are wide-ranging in air pollution problems, while some are at regional level. Despite awareness of the air pollution problem, it was not thought seriously. Despite many international, national and regional environmental conferences, the human stand gives negative messages in this regard.

The kind of environment we live in today is completely polluted. The amount of air pollution is increasing day by day. What is the irony of life that the nature which gave us pure water, air, green land and pure environment, we polluted by planting many factories for achieving our physical pleasures. Today the problem of air pollution has put a question mark ahead of the health of all the creatures in the world.

Therefore, in order to deal with the problem of air pollution, there is a need to make efforts for grassroots efforts at the state, national and international level. Otherwise the country will be in such a situation where there will probably be nothing other than regret. Environmental imbalances show that nature has changed its transformation. It can be harmful for us in the future, but we must understand this truth today. We have also understood that many reasons are responsible for air pollution. But the focal point of all these factors is somewhere in the human and there are also the most affected.

Reason of Air Pollution :

1. The main reason for spreading air pollution is the desire for materialization. Radioactive materials also promote air pollution.

2. Air pollution is increasing due to the increase in the number of vehicles in metros every year. As a result, the quality of the environment and lack of clean air is decreasing.

3. The balance of the environment is increasing day by day from the poisonous gases emanating from industries and factories.

4. Due to increasing urbanization, industrialization, modernization and scientific progress, deforestation of plants of green and green trees is increasing rapidly resulting in increase in air pollution.

5. The migratory migration of people in other parts of the country and in search of employment from rural areas is increasing rapidly. This has resulted in more exploitation of natural resources.

6. Dust particles, aerosols, fly ash, fog and smoke also promote air pollution, they are subtle-sized solid and gaseous particles which are scattered in the gaseous medium and form a cloud-like shape.

7. Unfair use of urea and other agricultural chemicals in agriculture has also become a major problem for the environment, resulting in the emission of greenhouse gases such as methane and nitrous oxide emanating from the fields of paddy, whose side-effects are affected by climate change Which are eventually affecting the health of all the creatures including humans.

8. Because of the uninterrupted use of petroleum products, pollution has emerged as a major problem of the whole world and especially developed countries. Due to which many kinds of diseases are spreading today and the entire ecological balance of nature is deteriorating.

9. After the harvesting of the crops, farmers often burn the crop residues after harvesting, as well as in Punjab, Haryana and West Uttar Pradesh as well as in other parts of the country. The smoke generated by the burning of crop residues increases the environmental pollution.

Effects of Air Pollution On Our Life :-

1. Forest land is being converted into non-forest land for development works. Forests are being wiped out for raw materials. As a consequence the situation of ecological imbalance has arisen. The effect of this is also visible on the seasonal cycle of the cities.

2. The size of the hole in the ozone layer above Antarctica and the South Pole is increasing due to greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide chloro-fluoro carbon (CFC), nitrous oxide and methane etc. Ozone layer prevents ultraviolet radiation from coming to the Earth, which prevents skin cancer and cataracts.Ozone layer depletion is increasing due to air pollution. According to the non-Brahma, the top weather scientist of the United Nations World Seasonal Organization, the ozone layer is spreading in some 27 million square kilometers, which is likely to grow further in the future.

3. Due to the poisonous gases such as carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide that are dissolved in polluted air, today many types of breathing and lung diseases have become common, due to which man is not able to work, polluted air is different Also gives birth to allergies.

4. Air pollution in metros is also a major reason for keeping human life stressful.

5. Due to air pollution, human beings are facing a world-class problem like ‘Global Warming’, due to which the temperature of the atmosphere is increasing continuously, according to an estimate, if efforts are not made to reduce air pollution, by 2040 All glaciers will be prone to end.

6. Air pollution has become a big problem for the entire world due to the unauthorized use of petroleum products. By which the entire ecological balance of nature is deteriorating.

7. ‘Acidic Rain’ in the polluted environment is also a curse for humans, plants and other organisms, thereby causing many diseases in the human body such as respiratory system, dietetic system and skin. Nitrogen peroxide and sulfur dioxide gas are found in the air, making frozen acidic precipitation in water.

8. Charcoal, plastic and polyethylene produce carbon monoxide by burning in the air, which coincides with hemoglobin, creates carboxy hemoglobin in which oxygen has less carrier capacity, thus cells do not get adequate oxygen for respiration, so individuals Fainting, cardiovascular and respiratory changes occur in.

Measures to Overcome Air Pollution :-

1. Plantation of more trees will help to clean the environment. Special measures should be taken to prevent the destruction of forests and erosion; For the ideal environment it is necessary that forests should be one-third of the country ie 33% of the forest. There will be concrete steps in this direction for clean environment. It is also necessary to protect forests from fire.

2. Tomorrow-factories and industries should be put away from the population, because air pollution can be prevented by smoke and gases coming out of them.
3. Alternative sources of petroleum polluting substances should be searched for air. We import most of the items imported into petroleum products.About 70 percent of our requirement is imported petroleum oil. This will also save foreign currency, for this, oil seeds obtained from oilseed trees can be used in place of petroleum products, among which oils obtained from Neem, Tung, Karanj and Jatropha (Ratan Jyoth) etc. There are strong and immense possibilities to use in the form of bio-diesel.

4. It is very necessary to make the public aware of the ill effects of polluted air. For this, exhibition, environmental conference, environment day and forest festival etc. can be organized. In this regard, news papers, radio and television can also play an important role.
5. To make the public aware of various discoveries, research and results on air pollution. Find out what are the consequences of polluted air and how it can be reduced.

6. Increase the facilities of employment and common life in rural areas, so that villagers can prevent migrations to the city in search of employment.
7. In addition to this, there will be improvement in agricultural technologies which not only keep our environment healthy, but also grow in it. We have to make judicious use of urea in the field.

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