How to Look Beautifull in Winter or cold Tips Remedies

Winter Skin Tips

Winter / cold skin becomes dry. The skin can not tolerate the drastic change in weather and natural moisturizer to keep your skin tone begins to dry Haktwcha retains.

Cold / hot water, not bathe in the cold. Hot water takes away the moisture of the skin and makes the skin dry.

Skin dryness in the skin in the cold bursts it is also the heaviest. After bathing the body to diagnose the coconut or almond oil massage.

Find petroleum jelly on the skin torn.

Keep your skin protected from cold winds in winter.

Before going to sleep on your entire face and rub almond oil.

Winter / cold showers or not at all, much less than the skin dries bath.

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Winter lips Care Tips

Winter / cold lips over the skin of the lips is very sensitive because it began to dawn. Vanishing from the lips of moisture they begin to implode.

Winter / cold and keep the lips Lip Care Balm.

Scrub to remove dead cells of the lips, use lip balm.

Lick your lips dry. Lick draws moisture to the skin for a while but then later it becomes harmful to the lips and blow dries, it takes more than lip.

Do not let the lack of moisture in the body and drink plenty of water.

Foot Care Tips in Winter

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Adian torn take your beauty away. Drying of the skin in the cold because of Adian are ruptured.

30 minutes in a mixture of water and lemon juice to keep dipping feet. Then the stone would apply the legs.

Feet above procedure removes dead cells.

Find ankles cracked petroleum jelly.

Wearing socks are always in the cold.

Hair safety tips in the winter

In the cold winter winds and temperature changes caused considerable damage to the hair.

Soak the hair not too cold because it may dry your hair.

After washing your hair tied back hair towel. It keeps the moisture within hair never goes out.

Blower or dryer to dry hair in the cold, do not use.

Hair massage and natural oils in the cold to use it.

In the winter in the cold with warm water and bathe. In winter cold Aksfoliasn. The skin in the cold in the winter Moiscrais. Sunscreen lotion in the winter. Do not use in winter Diodrent. Use conditioner. Put Oil on Hair.Keep the body covered in winter. Be careful in winter hair. Use cotton gloves.Honey for dry elbows. Using striped skin milk.