Home Remedies To Treat Heart Burn

Heart Burn or Chest pain listening to the crazy attention heart attack Pdane goes on. However, many of chest pain can also be caused. Lungs, muscles, ribs or there is a problem in the vein o hurts people. In any given situation, it becomes the terrible pain which can be fatal. But one thing to keep in mind not to identify himself and Chest Diseases Pan Czech deputy made on the doctor. Chest pain caused us to become aware of certain diseases.

Get relief from heartburn home remedies

heart burn

If a heart burn, so the person does not take some work. Such persons anything to eat, drink, sleep, get up and sit all becomes difficult. The information that the person because of her gas jealous heart burn or chest, it takes the light in, and who do not know it even scared heart attack can also make sense. So, depending on the symptoms of heartburn identify the person at home a few easy ways to quickly get rid of this irritation can.

But while it forever to get around to your diet will improve. If you do not interact, so that after a while the doctor came to a critical error may have to undergo expensive treatments.

Below are some home remedies that are being given, which you can also find instant relief to heartburn:

1 – Green tea, the stomach restless, painful irritation and works well for gas. Immediately after ingestion in the stomach will feel relief. This green tea, lemon, basil or mint can also be of any of.

2 – Yogurt is extremely helpful in stomach digestion. If you make it so it will be even better buttermilk.
3 – Papaya enzyme which Ppain name is very good remedy for digestion. If possible, please papaya daily intake.
4 – Liquorice, intake is beneficial in the heart of Bern. Is used as a natural medicine. Cholesterol it stops the formation of gastric acid soak.
5 – Aloe vera juice makers gastric acid kills bacteria. Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C and E which is a natural Strijent and removes Heart Burn.
6 – Black salt, roasted cumin and asafoetida equal quantity Make the fine powder and take it with warm water, cover. The digestion, pain and heart burn all the gas will relieve immediately.

heartburn Treatment in Hindi

Seene Mein Jalan Se Raahat Paane Ke Ghareloo Nuskhe

yadi seene mein jalan ho, to vyakti se kuchh kaam nahee ban padata. aise vyaktiyon ke lie kuchh bhee khaana, peena, sona, uthana aur baithana sab mushkil ho jaata hai. vaheen jis vyakti ko jaanakaaree ho ki use gais kee vajah se haart barn ya seene mein jalan ho rahee hai, vah ise halake mein leten hain, aur jinhen na pata ho vah ise haart ataik samajh kar ghabara bhee sakaten hain. aise mein, seene mein jalan ke lakshanon ke aadhaar par use pahachaan kar, vyakti kuchh aasaan tareekon se ghar par bhee is jalan se turant nijaat pa sakata hai.

lekin vaheen isase hamesha ke lie nijaat paane ke lie aapako apane khaan-paan ko sudhaarana hee hoga. yadi aap aisa nahin karaten hain, to ho sakata hai ki kuchh samay ke baad aapako kisee gambheer samasya ke chalate doktar ke paas jaakar isaka mahanga upachaar bhee karavaana paden.

Neeche kuchh aise ghareloo upachaar die ja rahen hain, jinase aap seene mein jalan mein turant raahat pa sakaten hain:

1 – green tee, pet mein hone vaalee baichenee, dard jalan aur gais ke lie achchha kaary karatee hai. isake sevan ke turant baad hee aapako pet mein raahat mahasoos hogee. yah green tee, neemboo, tulasee ya pudeene mein se kisee kee bhee ho sakatee hai.
2 – Dahee pet kee paachan kriya mein behad madadagaar hotee hai. yadi aap isakee lassee bana len to yah aur bhee behatar hoga.
3 – Papeeta, jisamen papain naam ka injaim hota hai, paachan ke lie behad uttam upaay hai. ho sake to papeete ka sevan rojaana keejiye.
4 – mulethee, ka sevan bhee haart barn mein phaayademand hai. praakrtik davaee ke roop me prayog kiya jaata hai. yah koles‍traamal ko sokh kar gais‍trik esid ko banane se rok deta hai.
5 – elo vera ka joos gais‍trik esid banaane vaale baik‍teeriya ko maarata hai. isamen vitaamin e, bee1, bee2, bee3, see aur ee hota hai jo ek nechural es‍treejent hai aur yah haart barn ko door karata hai.
6 – kaala namak, bhuna jeera aur heeng ko baraabar maatra mein lekar baareek choorn bana leejiye aur isaka sevan gunagune paanee ke saath kar leejiye. is se paachan, dard gais aur haart barn sabhee mein turant raahat mil jaegee.