Advantages of Physical Fitness

Advantages of Physical Fitness

Feel tired? Feel fatigue? Need some re-jubilation? If all such questions are playing havoc in your mind then you’ve only word to rely upon and that magical word is EXERCISE. Studies have shown that physical activity on a regular basis can help you not only reducing risk for several diseases but also improving your overall lifestyle.

Health issues which may arise when you don’t give your body enough physical strain.

  • Obesity
  • Back pain
  • High blood pressure
  • Depression
  • Lowering of self confidence


The biggest nightmare for anyone is obesity, doesn’t matter who you are? From which part of the world you belong to? If you don’t move your body obesity will have a hold on you.

 Back Pain

Today’s lifestyle includes continues sitting for hours and keep your eyeballs revolving  around  a laptop screen or a mobile phone this leads to cause back pain. Which comes as a side effect to continue sitting? It makes your back stringent and fatigue. You can avoid this by doing some stretching exercise or yoga.

High Blood Pressure

You must’ve heard of saying “prevention is better than cure”. If not taken care high blood pressure can be fatal. One must try to keep away from this disease by doing physical activities. Exercise is an unmatched tool to cope up with high blood pressure.


A Study shows that how people use exercise as effective artillery to fight against depression. People who perform exercise daily show less symptoms of depression as compared to those who don’t do it regularly. Exercise lets you feel easy.

Self Confidence

Self Confidence is a key to success. When you are physically active you always feel confident, don’t you?  Exercise not only makes your physical appearance attractive but also makes you feel confident.