Which is The Worst Food for Our Body And Health ?

Hello Friends, Today Now We are talking about which is the worst food for our body Fast Food, Oily Foods. Now a days All the given foods are mostly eating in the present time and these all kind of foods are not beneficial for our health because Fast Food, Oily Foods all these foods increase fat in our body.
If you want to eat these food then you must do some workout like Yoga, Running, Exercise because if you eat Fast Food, Oily Foods your body observe more then 12000 calories but if you observe calories more Then your body capacity then you must leave the calories so for the leaving the calories you should do workout like Running, Walking, Exercise etc.

worst food

Fast Food :

In the present time mostly country people eat the fast food. But they some people know the how to eat this and what is the Time to Eat Fast Food and how to control their body weight that person called sports person, health expert person and intelligent person But Mostly People eat more then his quantity fast food this is not good for their health and they know this food not good but they can’t be control so that those person increase weight and reduce the capacity to fight with decease. So If you eat Fast food but only one time in 15 days. Best option instead of Fast Foods is Mix Fried Gram, Reddish, Onion, Lemon etc.

Oily Foods :

Oily Foods not good for your skin and if you are old person then Oily food are not good for your heart. So please use minimum quantity of Oil in your food. Oil increase the cholesterol in your body this is not good for your health. If you want to know how much oil add in our food then we suggest 1 tea spoon oil for 1 person food. Best option instead of oily food fruit juice, eat seasonable fruit.