Physical Fitness and Wellness Lifestyle

Physical fitness , Wellness And Lifestyle . Different people have different points regarding physical fitness.”physical fitness is the capacity of an individual to meet the present and potential physical challenges of life with success.”it can be said that physical fitness is the ability to function efficient as well as effectively,to enjoy leisure,to be healthy,to resist disease and to cope with the emergency situations.A physically fit individual should possess a sufficient reserve of energy to meet the demands of emergencies in which a person is unexpectedly called upon to perform activities demanding unusual expenditure of strength ,energy and adaptive ability under unfavourable environment.

physical fitness

Physical fitness and wellness are really very significant for leading a happy and well balanced life.

Physical fitness and wellness are necessary for reducing the risk of heart and lungs diseases. Physically fit individuals tend to have lower resting blood pressure.Everyone wants to maintain ones physical fitness because owing to physical fitness,one can perform the routine work easily.Physical fitness is important in the daily activities of walking ,running ,lifting and carrying day to day activities.Physical fitness changes our lifestyle as well as way of life.

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