What is Cholesterol ?


When talking about heart problems then first we know about cholesterol. because Cholesterol play important roll of heart decrease. There are two type of Cholesterol.
VLDL and LDL Which you need very little and its work is to bring cholesterol to the outer boundary of the cells and to the blood vessels.
If such level of cholesterol rises then it becomes a problem for you. If such level of cholesterol rises, then it becomes a hassle for you because it begins to form fat in the arteries and coronary which is the heart-going vessel and the ventricles which are also the brain that goes to the brain.


Promotes fat accumulation, due to which the arteria is compressed.Due to contraction of the arteries, obstruction of blood flow is produced, whereas good cholesterol is good for the health of Aki and it protects you from any type of disease associated with heart diseases because it is frozen with cholesterol to the frozen cholesterol. Removes and sends it back to the liver.

Cholesterol Production In Body :

The body has a very straight forward account of what it takes, it takes it in proper quantity itself, and the food it is consumed to create it is its main source of liver and intestine, which helps in making it Is there. The amount of cholesterol weighs enough for daily body functions which you get from 300mg of fat, in such a way, if you have a low fat diet, you still get the daily requirement of cholesterol. Goes.

In this way, you can control your diet and also control the cholesterol. In this way, you should balance your calories by leaving the fast food and the rest of the other things which are highly fatty, by using greens and fruits and better diet.