Water Benefits

This is what happens to your body 8 12 ounce glasses of water every day  for 4 weeks. You have cleared skin toxins that lead to inflammation and pimple are flushed out of you body. You are more alert Forget Coffee – the main reason for frequent fatigue is dehydration.



You Lose Weight especially before eating, drinking at least one glass of water helps reduce the feeling of hunger.

You have fewer wrinkles dehydrate skin is prone wrinkles that disappear when you have good water balance.

Your Leaver work better it purifies the blood and works even better if the body gets plenty of fluids.

You have less muscles pain – you often get painful muscles and joints when they don’t get enough water.

Your Memory is better – if you brain cells get enough water, mind work faster and more efficiently; you think more clearly and concentrate better.

Your Digestion is improved – A healthy water balance maintain the digestive momentum.

Your immune system is strengthened – if you body is properly hydrated, it defence mechanism work much more efficiently .

You have better mood .

2 Glass of Water after waking up helps activate internal organs.
1 Galass of water 30 minutes before a meal helps digestion.
1 glass of water before taking a bath/shower help lower blood pressure
Avoids water before going to bed stroke or heart attack

if you drink water in the morning you will feel happier, sharper and more energetic throughout a day.

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