Tips for Slim Figure

If you want to look slim and Fit then you must do some workout activity and avoid some fast food and eat low crab diet plan. If you are serious to your figure then you must follow our rules and diet plan for Weight Loss and Get attractive figure.


Diet Plan for Slim Body

1 – Avoid Fast Foods and Cold drink and alcoholic things and don’t smoke.
2 – Don’t Eat Banana Fruit and Eat All Fruits .
3 – Add Salad in Your Lunch and Dinner Diet.
4 – Don’t Eat Fry Vegetables. Eat Boiled Vegetables.
5 – Cheese is very Useful you can eat as you wish.
6 – Drink Fruit Juice Regularly because it very useful.
7 – Drink Soup of Tomato, Capsicum, Cabbage
8 – Add Milk Item in Your Diet like Chach, Curd etc.
9 – Take Soda ( club soda ) with lemon and black salt.
10 – Don’t take tea.

slim - figure

Work Out Plan for Slim Body

1 – If you can not control your eating habbit then don’t worry. If you eat more diet then you must do more work out because in the diet have contain calori
if you earn calori then you must burn by the help of exercise in gym or walking or running.

2 – Do any Type of Yoga 30 Minutes Regularly
3 – Do Some Stomuch Exercise
4 – Run Minimum 6 Km. Daily
5 – Do Push up