Three Secret of Good Health

Secret of Good Health For Your Good Life


1 Food : The way a computer is power meal gives him energy to on , so we eat our body gives energy to run. As you are also aware of the great gasoline quality (speed , habits ) mileage the greater will be the engine it would be equally found. Just as wonderful , healthy, nutritious food will keep you healthy and fit ! We have 2 reasons to take food 1 : Get energy and 2 : For testes.

Mostly People like Testes Food but we should eat energetic food. Which Food are not beneficial for us are : pizza ,burger ,junk and spicy ,cold drink , drink.

2 Exercise : These can be in any form , Yoga , Aerobics , Pranayama , Morning walk, Jogging, etc ! and also join Gym.

3 Rest : After the day is done he is striving hard to get up in the morning after and the gentleman just get tired doing nothing , go back to bed in the shelter , the rest of it , is not laziness ! Not I am referring here to relax , not to laziness !