Stomach Stone Symptom and Treatment

stomach stone symptom and treatment

There are many kind of Stomach Diseases one of them is stone. Mostly people search on internet how to remove stone from stomach and what is the symptom of stone. So In this blog we are taking about how to save from stone and destroy the stone from the stomach. If your have no pain and you have a stone that means it is in Kidney stones. If you eat some foods you many Invited to serious diseases. Here are these 6 Foods you eat similar prey calculus can therefore take away from these things for feeling the better. stone treatment is possible at home but firs of all check up from doctor properly. there are many blog available on the internet about stone in stomach in Hindi, English etc.Now a days stomach stone is humans is general issue because of pollution every foods is not pure. Kidney Stone is very dangerous because this not know in advance. stone treatment is possible without operation and possible with operation so I suggest you please don’t vast your time treatment is necessary for healthy life.


Symptom of Stone :

1 – Red, Pink, and brown urine.

2 – Pain on urination.

3 – Severe pain in the side and back, under the rib.

4 – Pain that spreads to the below the abdomen and groin.

5 – Smelling urine

6 – Vomiting feeling

How to Save from Stomach Stone?

Answer : There are 7 eating prevention for saving stone:

1 : Drink More Water if you want to save from Stones.

2 : Kristal of which are found in capsicum Okslet consisting of calcium are identified him. It Okslet calcium      crystals are formed.  According to health expert to eat less if you capsicum stones can survive.

3  : Okslet also discovered large quantities of tomato seeds are therefore better using tomato seeds he finds it.

4  : If you already have appendicitis or intestinal diseases are upset, then at least make Okslet rich chocolate.

5  : If you take more tea This is serious illness like appendicitis. Avoid tea addiction to avoid the stones.

6  : Sea foods Contain The Pyrins in huge amounts . The intake much uric acid in the body is formed. Chances of uric acid stone formation This also increases.

7  : Salty things also invited to stone. If you want to save from stones to minimize the intake of salty things.

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