South Indian Diet Plan For Losing Weight

South Indian Diet Plan – Here is a 1200 calorie South Indian diet plan for Weight Loss.

Early morning

As soon as you wake up drink a glass of warm water with lemon juice squeezed into it.

After a while you can have your early morning cup of tea without adding sugar into it (35 calories)

Along with tea you can have Marie biscuits 2 nos (56 calories)


For breakfast you can have sprouts dosa- 2 nos which is about 200 calories, with tomato and onion chutney (1 cup) which offers 20 calories.

Mid morning

As a mid-morning snack, you can have a mixed fruit bowl of medium size (40 calories) and a cup of plain green tea that has no calories in it!


traditional way

For lunch you can have a vegetable pulav made out of brown rice. Keep the portion size to about 1/3 rd of a soup bowl (200 calories).

Have one bowl of mixed veggies salad that contributes around 30 calories.

For accompaniment have raita made out of cucumber and onion (1 bowl) of 75 calories.


You can eat ragi balls- 3 nos of medium size will give you 200 calories. Have a bowl of sambar (75 calories ) along with lady finger veggie (vendkkai poriyal)- 1 bowl has 48 calories. You should also have a medium bowl of salad (30 calories).


In the evening you can either have a cup of green tea or coffee without sugar. If you go in for coffee you will be downing 35 calories.

Have a bowl of pachai payaru sundal (sprouted moong dal)- 70 calories


Samai Khichadi

Dinner can comprise of Samai Khichadi (little millet khichadi) about 1 soup bowl (225 calories) with a medium bowl of Thayir pachadi (like raita)-70 calories. Have a medium bowl of salad along. It would add 30 calories to your meal.

Before going to bed

End your day with a cup of milk (75 calories) and 4 nos of soaked almonds (20 calories).

So, that was a 1200 calorie diet for weight loss. It will help you lose 3 to 4 kgs in a month’s time. But taking care of diet alone is not enough. You need to exercise too! Follow a 45 min workout along with this diet. You have a lot of exercise options to choose from. You can walk, swim, skate or run.

The diet plan mentioned above is a generalized plan, it may really work for some people. However, for a customized plan you should consult a dietician.

Here are some useful tips that will help you lose weight easily:

Don’t skip meals

A lot of people skip meals to reduce their caloric intake. This logic is wrong. You will end up eating more food in your next meal and ultimately gain weight. Staying hungry will bring thoughts of food in your mind. Eat meals with a gap of 3 hours in between.

Walking after meals

After meals don’t get inactive as it will increase your weight. Take a short walk after 10 to 15 minutes of consuming your meal. It is applicable to both lunch and dinner. This habit of taking short walks post lunch and dinner will also keep blood sugar levels normal. So, keep moving post your meal.

Choose food wisely

There are a lot of savouries and papads in South India. When you go shopping you are bound to get attracted to the mouth watering stuff. Chakali or Murukku, appalams and the like are fried stuff that can hamper your weight loss goal. Even if your murukus are made out of ragi, they aren’t healthy as they are deep fried. So, read labels and pay attention to the ingredients along with the cooking methods used.

Pay attention to portion size

It is easy to get carried away while eating hot sambar rice. You might end up eating double the portion size meant for you if you are not careful. It is not that you should give up the food you love, just watch portions and you are done! One way out is to use smaller plates and eat mindfully so that you know when you are actually full.

lunch salad

Keep realistic goals

Instead of a gigantic goal in front of you such as losing 10 kgs in a month, aim at a smaller goal like losing 2-3 kgs. Losing 2-3 kgs is both practical and realistic. You can even reward yourself to keep you motivated. The reward can be a movie with friends or a going trekking.