Roll of Sports in Fitness and Weight Loss

If you like play any sports then it is good for your health. Because Now a days sports is very important for making good personality and making a popular. If you like play physical game like football, tennis, badminton, cricket, hockey, baseball, Kabbadi, raceling etc. these all game help to make fit.


Their are two type of Games

1 Indoor Games 2 Out Door Games

Indoor Games : Indoor Game improve your mind and thinking power and Fit your body. Some Indoor Games are Chess, archery games, badminton, basketball, boxing, Swimming, Kabbadi etc.

Outdoor Games : Outdoor Game is instant result orient for your fitness show play this game for fitness and loss weight Football, Hockey, Cricket, baseball and athletes Game

I like Football this is my favourite Game and I lose 2 kg weight in 2 month. I am playing daily 1 hrs football.