Menstrual What Foods Should Not Be Consumed


Rising menstrual cramps and abdominal muscles occurs when the uterus during the menstrual fluid discharged , pushing out . When contracting the body thus Kremps and painful fall. It has been observed that women who have higher levels of substances such as hormones called Prosteg glands menstrual hurts them .

So next time you do this often causes pain during menstruation do not eat these foods because these foods helps to relieve menstrual pain occur. So here is the list of 10 such foods should not be consumed during menstruation .


1 – Tea , coffee or caffeine found in soft drinks is harmful and it may increase menstrual the Krampas . Caffeine is compressed muscles and muscle tension increases , causing increased pain during menstruation . Therefore, it is best not to drink caffeine during menstruation .

2 – Alcohol more during menstruation can lead to pain and lower your belly swell . This is because alcohol is a diuretic, which causes the time of menstruation increases the amount of water in your body .

3 – Chocolate contains caffeine , so it should not be taken during menstruation . This blood vessel is narrowed which causes pain , therefore , its use during menstruation is not advisable .

4 – Meat Numerous studies have shown that eating red meat increases the menstrual pain . Arcidonik acids present in red meat , which stimulates prostate glands menstrual pain increases .

5 – Dairy products like milk , yogurt , butter and cheese in the aracidonika acid , which is a time when menstrual pain increases . So do not use it during menstruation .

6 – Salty foods chips , processed food , salt intake not during menstruation . These substances are found in large amounts of salt water which collects in the body and increases the pain during menstruation .

7 – Pickles salty and sour pickles etc substance which is found in abundance in the sodium which increases the amount of water in the body . It rises for menstrual pain . Therefore, it should not be taken during menstruation .

8 – Fried foods that increase the level of estrogen in the body increases the level of estrogen in the uterus, which cause imbalances unnecessarily increases menstrual cramps occurring .

9 – Sugar enhances inflammation , therefore it should not be taken during menstruation .