Main Cause of Bloting and Treatments

Flatulence can be very annoying , but it is a problem facing all of us sooner or later has to . Even with the occasional belch, flatulence may be a problem . The reasons could be many Bloating . After eating the food is the main cause of Bloating . Not enough time to give to eat of the problem may be Bloating.

Menstruation in women may also be a cause of Bloating . Dihaidreshn ( lack of water ), the problem may be due to Bloting. Although there is nothing to worry about . There are certain foods you can eat today, tomorrow can get rid of Bloating .


Treatment For Bloating

1 – You can put in your tea ginger and ginger tea or ginger can include in your meal .

2- It is in dealing with the problem of gas and Bloating . Fennel intestinal cells are bringing relief is helpful in removing the trapped gas . After dinner and a little fennel , eat , get rid of the problem of gas and flatulence.

3- Probiotics are found in abundance in yogurt . Probiotics are good bacteria in digestion and absorption of food by increasing the digestive system to function well, are helpful .

4 -Bananas are rich in potassium . Potassium regulates the amount of sodium in the body which is responsible for Bloating .

5 – Also include in your diet red pepper . The element is found in cayenne Kapesin level of enzymes necessary for digestion increases . This reduces the problem of gas and flatulence .