Health Benefits of Eat Fruits Regularly

Use Local Fruits . Such as bananas, grapes , sapota , mango etc . All fruits have fructose in general since it does not matter that you are eating apple after apple or mango . Whether that comes from apples and apples from Kashmir Konkan . So common is local to you . Above all because diabetics can eat fruit sugar fructose in control of your will .
While oil seeds such as walnuts , vegetables , mustard , coconut, sesame , etc. are used. Packing of oil > , like olives Do not use prating . Refined oils of raw Ghani Mustard Oil is better .

Ghee benefits – Eat Ghee daily . How much depends on the food we eat is pure Ghee . Ghee reduces cholesterol in blood .


Do not use more coconut . You use the coconut pohe , khandvis or as food can make sauce . Coconut is negligible amounts of cholesterol . It helps to slim the waistline .

Canned Awt ( oats , wheat ) and grains (cereals) , do not snack . The packets of food that does not need us . We start the day should not be such tasteless and boring food . The type of food that makes our day too boring . At breakfast, you cook some pasta , simile , Idlis, Dosas or Parathas can take .

Sugarcane actually remove toxic substances from the body , the substance . Eat Drink fresh juice or chew sugar cane .


In your mouth while chewing teeth to eat fruits and vegetables directly by then , no need to drink juice .