Disadvantages Of Sleeping Just After A Meal and Overeating

Disadvantages Of Sleeping Just After A Meal

If you want to be fit then you must know about Disadvantages Of Sleeping Just After A Meal.Most people get lazy after eating. In this way, they prefer to sleep, but soon after eating, the sleeping is very harmful to the body. After eating, food is not properly digested properly and obesity is increased.

There are some disadvantages of Sleeping Just after a Meal :

Increase Weight (Weight Gain), Heartburn, Acid Reflux, Stroke :  If you are eating more then your diet and you are going to sleep that main cause of weight gain because now days  mostly people eat in their diet high calorie food, fast food. Many people believe that at least hundred steps should be taken immediately after eating food. But this is totally a misconception. The body does not meet the entire nutrition of food after walking after eating it. It weakens digestion.  Some people have a habit that they eat more than their capacity and then loose their belt immediately after eating. Doing this is not good for the stomach. By doing so the digestive system becomes weak.

Disadvantages of overeating : (Effects of Overeating on the Stomach)

disadvantages of overeating

  • Eating uncontrollably even when not physically hungry.
  • eating much more rapidly than normal.
  • eating alone due to shame and embarrassment.
  • feelings of bad cause of overeating.
  • preoccupation with body weight.
  • depression or mood swings.
  • Keep Lunch and Dinner “clean”
  • Fill Up on Fiber and Protein at Breakfast

Gastric Distress Is Only One Result. Reliable indulging can prompt an unfortunate weight pick up and heftiness. Corpulence has been connected to diabetes, coronary illness, and other dangerous diseases. A solitary example of indulging, be that as it may, can have here and now results more genuine than swelling and overabundance gas.

The end result for your body when you eat excessively? When you’ve quite recently finished a plate heaped high with sustenance, it can some of the time feel like you will detonate. Despite the fact that it is feasible for your stomach to burst subsequent to gorging, your stifler reflex is probably going to kick in some time before you achieve that point.

Coronary illness Putting on weight on account of gorging expands the possibility of creating coronary illness. This is because of the way that being overweight or large causes elevated cholesterol and hypertension, among other medical issues that are hazard factors for coronary illness.