Chikungunya Fever Symptom And Treatement

Chikungunya fever is a virus which is caused by the bite of Aedes mosquito Aijipti . Chikungunya and dengue symptoms are almost identical . The name Chikungunya fever is derived from Swahili , meaning ‘ that which is twisted ‘ ‘ and the symptoms of joint pain resulting from disease patient Given the stooped posture was prevalent .

Chikungunya Fever

Symptoms of Chikungunya

Symptoms of the disease are different from each other .
The impact of the disease on the body lasts longer .
The main symptom is pain in the joints of Chikungunya .
The effect on the person’s mental capacity .

Chikungunya fever with joint pain and skin becomes dry . Chikungunya is not spread directly from human to human . This fever Aedes mosquito bites an infected person to a healthy person after is transmitted by the bite . Pregnant woman to her child suffering from Chikungunya disease risk .

Vomiting, One to three days with fever, joint pain and swelling of
The sudden rise of fever with chills and headache to be cold

Reason of Cikgunia:

Chikungunya is mainly due to mosquito bites .
Mosquitoes thrive .
A place to stay to mess around .

Chikungunya Treatment:

Chikungunya on the doctor ‘s advice to take is the most important . As well as patients suffering from Chikungunya should adopt the following measures :

Drink more water , drink warm water if possible .
More and more rest.
Chikungunya is very painful in the joints on the advice of a doctor for which painkillers (Pain Killer) stay.
Milk products , milk , yogurt , or other things to eat .
Grind neem leaves the patient to give juice .
Cleanliness of the patient’s clothing and pay careful attention to her bed .
Eat more and more bitter and papaya .

Chikungunya in Children

Take special care of children.
His immune system is fragile and vulnerable children so they quickly detect disease. Do not overlook that their illness.
Children are more open to infection because they are more at risk of being bitten by mosquitoes.
Send the kids out of the house all dressed. Shorts and t children in mosquito season – Phnaan shirts. Find mosquito cream at night
if the baby is crying too much, constantly being asleep, restless, high fever, body Rasej are reversed or if any of these symptoms, consult a doctor immediately.
Small children usually fever their hands – feet are cold but hot forehead and stomach, so their stomach touching his fever and rectal Temperature range is Czech. Next to take the temperature is not the right way, especially in children. So who is the next to take the temperature readings come, add the 1 degree. Will it be the correct reading
Chikungunya Household Measure of Relief

There are many home remedies for the treatment of Chikungunya Chikungunya adopting can be avoided .

1 – Chikungunya in Papaya Leaf not only dengue but is equally effective . Fever platelets in the body (platelates) fall sharply , sharply increase the papaya leaves . Papaya leaves in just three hours in the body increases the blood platelets . Separate the stems from the leaves of papaya for treatment and only grind leaf and squeeze the juice . Take two teaspoons of juice three times a day .

2 – Basil and parsley also very good domestic medicine for the treatment of Chikungunya . Treatment parsley , raisins , dried basil and neem leaves in a glass of water to boil. Filter and drink three times a day without this drink .

3 – Grind the garlic clove oil on painful joints , including joints and tie it with a cloth . Even Chikungunya patients get relief from joint pain , and body temperature (body temprature) also be controlled.