7 Practices to Gain Weight Healthily

The answer: roughly, 2% of the American population, and 15% of the worldwide population.

Athletes, like those Olympic athletes, may also seek to gain weight for enhanced performance.

The key to gaining weight is that you must do it healthily. You can not simply do the opposite of what is considered a healthy diet.

The body will suffer that way. And, you can not be expected to eat massive quantities of food.

7 Rules to Gain Weight

Do not skip breakfast. Even though this may slow the metabolism, breakfast is still the key to starting the day with plenty of energy and focus.
Instead, have a hearty breakfast of oats, plenty of nuts, and feel free to stir in real honey or maple syrup for sweetness. Or, try a vegetable omelet, and don’t hold back on the cheese. Have a side of whole grain toast. A whole grain bagel is a great way to add carbohydrates quickly.

Snack often. You should not mindlessly snack, but instead, purposefully snack. We do not want to create bad habits while gaining weight.
Frequent snacks will help to sneak in extra calories. Try Lara Bars, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, natural nut butters with fruit or celery, all natural energy bars, cheese, whole grain crackers, trail mix, and creamier yogurts (or try coconut yogurts).
Add extra healthy fats. Fats are the most calorie-dense food group. Try more avocado, olive oil, coconut oil, flaxseed oil, nuts, seeds, and fatty fish (salmon).

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Drink your calories. We want to do this in a healthy way. No soda, or fruity drinks allowed here. Try real fruit smoothies and 100% real juices (or freshly juiced!) as well as protein shakes.
Enjoy dessert. It is still important not to have an excessive sugar intake. But, a bowl of ice cream, milkshake, or a few cookies will certainly help add a few pounds. And you get to enjoy it, too!
Weight Training. Even light weight training stimulates muscle tissue and causes growth. It also stimulates the bones to absorb more calcium to make them stronger. This can especially be the best way for skinny men to gain weight.
Protein. Along with weight training, make sure you are consuming enough protein in your diet, so that your muscles will have the raw materials needed for growth. Lean meats, nuts, legumes, quinoa, and other grains are good sources.
Remember, underweight can be just as unhealthy as overweight and gaining weight should still be approached in the healthiest way possible.

Have you ever had to gain weight?


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